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The 2024 Program is closed.


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A part of HUDSY's mission is to uplift filmmakers within the Hudson Valley region. We offer both the expertise and avenues for locals aged 18 to 100 (yes, you read that right, even centenarians!) to hone their storytelling craft and break into the film industry. Through our paid Apprenticeship Program, we seek out aspiring filmmakers who exhibit passion and determination, willing to devote themselves to a six-month, part-time journey toward advancing their careers.


Learn more about each of our graduates and their specialties below.
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Alec Simmons

Alec (he/him) is a filmmaker, occasional musician, and enthusiastic cook in the mid-Hudson valley. Alec is committed to crafting socially substantive films while firmly situating them in the surreal and the weird. Since age eight, he’s been honing his experience in directing, cinematography, editing, visual effects, and sound design. Born and raised in Ithaca, NY, Alec is on the staff of local documentary company PhotoSynthesis Productions, where he has worked as a motion graphics designer for the past decade. His work also extends to freelance videography and post-production for both local and distant clients. But his deepest love is for making independent films, where he applies his technical and soft skills to every step of the process, start to finish. Alec’s independent work marries the humorous and improbable with deep earnestness and curiosity, in universes ablaze with vivid colors. His projects have taken him to obscure locations, learning opportunities, and film festivals all across upstate NY. In 2022, Alec graduated from Bard College with a BA in Film & Electronic Arts. Alec is living on Munsee Lenape, Mohican, and Schaghticoke lands in what is currently called Kingston, NY.

Skylar Lyn Dansereau

Skylar (she/her) is a dynamic Assistant Director/Camera Operator from the Hudson Valley. A proud graduate from Bard College with a Bachelor's in Film, Skylar has since gone on to work on various short films, a TV show pilot, two documentaries, and even her 35-minute film demo, 'Lady.' Skylar's flexibility and noticeable enthusiasm for film have allowed her to work in many different areas in the field. Still, her continued passion for the visuals shines when behind the camera. From the earliest days of her youth, Skylar harbored a dream – to inspire others through her cinematic creations, igniting in them the same passion and drive she has carried since immersing herself in the magic of films.


Pharaoh (they/them) is a multifaceted artist whose works strike to put BIPOC culture at the forefront of narrative storytelling. With filmmaking as their primary medium, Pharaoh has lent themselves to projects as a creative director, cinematography and editor. They hold a certification in Video Production and Editing from THE NEW SCHOOL CENTER FOR MEDIA, a technical trade school in Colonie, New York, and was an intern turned alumnus at YOUTHFX, a non profit organization in designed to teach youth of color from underserved communities the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking. Outside of filmmaking, Pharaoh can be found with quad skates and a mouth guard at roller derby practice, raiding the shelves at antique stores, making music on their tiny iPhone or snuggling with their cat, Marvin

Marie-Therese Ghunney

Marie (she/her) has always had a deep passion for television, film, documentary work, and the many other ways you can tell stories with media. She is continuously exploring the ways she can bring stories from the world around her to life —woven with themes of identity, childhood, joy, family history, home, and love. The projects Marie-Therese has taken on work to uplift voices that may not often be heard. Originally from Jamaica, NY, she found herself settled in the Hudson Valley after graduating from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a B.A. in Digital Media Production in May of 2021. When not creating media, Marie-Therese is crocheting, browsing antique shops, embroidering, or rewatching her favorite movies.

Stephen Jeong

Stephen (he/him) is a visual creator with a passion for storytelling. I am an aspiring cinematographer, and during my time in delving into the profession, I have come to create many different forms of media such as short films, documentaries, directing tv shows, music videos, as well as dipping into the realm of photography. What I have found out throughout this ongoing journey is that no matter with who or where we are, there is always a story waiting to be told to the world.

Frank Theodore

Frank (he/him) is a passionate filmmaker and storyteller currently based in the Hudson Valley. Though his background lies in photography, where he has spent years honing his visual skills while helping local businesses elevate their online presence, his true calling lies in directing and writing. A self-taught filmmaker, Frank has already directed two short films, demonstrating a strong narrative voice and a knack for captivating audiences. With multiple feature film scripts in development, he is actively pursuing opportunities to bring his visions to life. Driven by a belief in the power of local storytelling, Frank is committed to showcasing the unique voices and stories oft. He aspires to inspire others to explore their artistic passions and prove that success in filmmaking is achievable outside the traditional film school path.

Kathia Kilcrease

Editor  • Camera Operations

Kathia (she/her) has always been a creative soul with a passion for telling stories. Originally from Harlem, New York, she found her home in the Hudson Valley. Kathia earned a certification in Adobe Premiere Pro while completing a program with The New School Center for Media in video editing. After graduating from The New School, she completed a workshop in assistant editing with Stockade Works. Kathia is passionate about telling stories creatively through film and, more importantly, lifting up the voices of the many through visuals.

Greg Vardhami

Sound Rec • Post Sound • Camera Operator

Greg (he/him) is a Field Recordist and Live-Sound Mixer based in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Originally from Albany, Greg graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Production with a concentration in audio from the State University of New York at New Paltz in December of 2021. He loves working on non-fiction projects, including documentaries and podcasts, which highlight untold narratives from underrepresented communities. Greg believes deeply in the influential power of storytelling to change the social fabric of our local, national, and international communities. When he’s not on set, Greg spends much of his time hanging out with friends, hiking, and petting local street cats. As an apprentice, Greg is looking forward to further developing his skill set in sound production while telling original local stories.

Lex Catania

Producer • Camera Operator •  Live Editor

Lex Catania (he/they) is a neurodivergent, trans, astrology nerd and compulsive crafter. He is constantly unearthing and untangling shame, generational trauma, and socialization into whiteness and patriarchy. He’s motivated by the deep transformation that storytelling can offer. Both the healing that comes from the power to share our own stories and be seen, as well as the healing that comes from seeing ourselves in other peoples stories, dissolving the walls of disconnection that our projections build around us. They aim to use video to accomplish this very thing, while also diy-ing trans centered clothing, building community, growing herbs, and being a menace.

Corey Spears

Audio • Video • Photography

Corey (he/him) graduated from Dutchess Community College with an Associates degree in Communications & Media Arts. He has worked on various film/TV productions as a PA and grip/electric swing since completing Stockade Works 1st Film Production Bootcamp. He is currently the Studio Manager at Alchemy Post Sound.

Gabrielle Johnson

Camera Operator • Photography • Photo Manipulation

Gabrielle (she/her) is filmmaker and artist based in the Hudson Valley with a B.A. in Digital and Interactive Media Arts. She has produced, directed, and edited multiple short films, including Celebrating a Century which has been screened in both the U.S. and Lebanon, and has received a Student Production Award in 2022 for Best Commercial from the Boston/New England chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She loves to work with cameras, collaborate with other creatives, tell stories - and hopefully - direct feature films in the future.

Sheyla Morales Bautista

Camera Operator • Editor

As a camerawoman and editor, Sheyla (she/her) believes filmmaking has the power to build a bridge between people inside and outside of marginalized communities. Before becoming a Hudson Valley native in 2006, she was born on the outskirts of Mexico City where she got an appreciation for a collectivist culture and gained perspective on how economic disparities affect a community. She went on to earn a BA from SUNY New Paltz, during which she got to be part of the HUDSY apprenticeship program. Sheyla has been on set for short and full length films assisting in the camera and AD departments. Off set, she has continued to gather experience editing for educational content and documentary works. Having contended with a bi-cultural household and a queer identity, she aims to continue creating films that showcase people navigating their intersectional identities.

Kristina Mott

Photography • Camera Operator • Editor

Kristina (she/her) is based in the Hudson Valley, Kristina is a passionate photographer and skilled video editor. With a B.S. in Digital Media Productions from SUNY New Paltz, she founded Nina Mott Photography and has since worked with a diverse range of clients on many inspiring projects. For Kristina, photography is about more than just capturing an image; it's about freezing a moment in time and turning it into a cherished memory. This belief fuels her dedication to providing clients with unforgettable experiences. When she's not behind the lens, she enjoys various creative pursuits, with a particular fondness for painting. She also loves attending concerts with her friends and supporting the artists whose music helps inspire her every day.

Norma Brickner

Camera Operator • Editor

Norma's (she/her) experiences at SUNY New Paltz have prepared her to create any medium of media engagement. She has produced screened pieces as well as written pieces showcased on and She is very diligent when it comes to corporate functions such as organizing documents, communicating, photography, and many more. She also has some background and knowledge in digital media production as you can see in her resume including producing multimedia content. She possess strong time management and organizational skills. By working well with others while in leadership positions, her sense of adaptability developed. She has gained knowledge regarding ethical practices in journalism and production through extensive research and academic focus. She has developed leadership skills, responsibility, and a willingness to learn as a college student. She has previously worked on production sets as a production assistant in several departments and always looks to broaden her skillset.

Jesus Velazquez

Camera Operator • Editor

Jesus (he/him) currently works as a freelance videographer and production assistant. My experience includes working with Hudsy as a camera operator and production assistant, which I have been doing since 2020. In 2022 I worked on a documentary titled Micheal Flynn's Holy War for PBS Frontline as a camera operator and production assistant. Recently I have been working with Fluence shooting their studio content.

Tyson Charles

Editor • Audio • Actor

Tyson (he/him) is a SUNY New Paltz alumni, having graduated with a Bachelor's in Digital Media Production. I have a strong passion for audio engineering and video production and have experience in the Adobe creative suite as well as FL Studio.\ Additionally, I have been creating my own content for several years now on various platforms, giving me knowledge of the world of marketing.

Colt Kirwan

Camera Operator • Editor

Colt (he/him) I am a graduate with a bachelors in Digital Media Production and a minor in Computer Science at the State University of New York, New Paltz. I have a passion for video production and editing, as well as being comfortable in the Adobe Creative Suite. I am looking for video production/post production positions starting this upcoming new year, 2022.

Alonzo "AJ" Jordan 

Camera Operator • Producer

Alonzo “AJ” Jordan Jr. (he/him) is a community advocate and filmmaker deeply invested in the youth and people surrounding him, his culture, and family. Serving his community is where his love for filmmaking was first discovered and developed, and he recently merged food and anti-racist social justice work with the Kingston YMCA Farm Project, an extremely important program to him and the local area. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, Jordan Jr. has a firm grasp of his environment and what can benefit his neighbors. He has worked on Kingston Land Trust’s Pine St. African Burial Ground project, is a mentor to high school students, and very much acknowledges the power behind his voice.

Natasha Scully

Cinematographer • Editor

Natasha (she/her) is the lead cinematographer at HUDSY. Throughout my time as an apprentice Angel found every opportunity to make it a teachable moment. I, the only child, now had two big brothers. I, the bullied, now felt more accepted than ever before. I, the teen who never felt safe, finally had a safe haven. The people behind the name HUDSY have not only created and fostered an atmosphere for educational growth but an antidote for loneliness. They’ve inspired me to dream bigger, challenge myself and create community. Plain and simple I’ve found my tribe.

Kathryn Kiewel


Kathryn (she/her) spent more than three decades as a senior marketing and sales executive in the NYC and LA fashion industry. She presently serves on the Board of Directors for The Bridge (a provider of supportive housing and mental health services for the homeless in NYC) where she serves as the Chair of the Development Committee. She is active in her community and serves as the Vice Chair of the Planning Board for Hurley, NY. Kathryn is a graduate of the 2021 HUDSY Apprentice Program and has worked with HUDSY and others as producer and assistant producer for several local film projects. Kathryn enjoys yoga, healthy living, sustainability, the Peloton and her dog, Gigi. She and her husband Elliot are residents of West Hurley, NY.